Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Well, not necessarily frequent – but these are some of the questions which come up from time to time – both about Ekklesia, and about our approach to the issues we tackle. If you have others, do let us know. You might also like to consult the sections on Ekklesia’s values, its structure, its staff, its associates, its website, its partners, its membership and its contact details.

1. Why a ‘religious think-tank’ – are you basically trying to defend religion?
2. I am a journalist or researcher, what can you offer me?
3. Think-tanks are supposed to have a ‘big idea’. What’s Ekklesia’s?
4. Shouldn’t we just keep religion out of politics completely?
5. Are the churches on the way out? What might that mean?
6. How big a cross-section of church or public opinion do you represent?
7. Who is involved in running Ekklesia and where do you get your money from?
8. Where do you source your information, analysis and expertise?
9. Are you a mainstream Christian organisation? And what is 'theology'?
10. Why the name ‘Ekklesia’?
11. Are you a charity?
12. Is Ekklesia liberal or conservative in its theological orientation?
13. Is it right to describe you as a ‘radical’ or ‘progressive’ think-tank?
14. Why focus on Christianity in a multi-faith and/or post-religious environment?
15. Does Ekklesia support the separation of church and state?
16. Does Ekklesia have a denominational affiliation?
17. How and why was Ekklesia formed, and by whom?
18. Why are you so hard on religion and soft on its secular enemies?
19. What is your approach to the Bible and the traditional Christian creeds?
20. What criteria do you use for the content and approach of your news briefing service?
21. What is your relationship to Christian Peacemaker Teams?
22. Why did you have a go at wearing red poppies for Remembrance Day?
23. Why do you sometimes seem to be bashing evangelicals?
24. Do you take particular policy positions?
25. What is Ekklesia’s approach to the sexuality row in the churches?
26. How can I support or join the work of Ekklesia?
27. Are there other similar organisations in other parts of the world?
28. Are your services free?
29. Can we reproduce news and material from your site?