FAQ 9: Are you a mainstream Christian organisation? What is theology?

FAQ 9: Are you a mainstream Christian organisation? What is theology?

Yes. We are part of the Christian mainstream in all its intriguing - and sometimes frustrating - diversity! But while we remain committed to participating in a lively exchange between the major Christian traditions (Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelical, Pentecostal and indigenous), Ekklesia naturally draws much of its specific inspiration from the alternative-focussed, dissenting strands within historic Christianity, not least the ‘peace churches’ (Quakers, Mennonites and other Anabaptists), some liberation theologies and non-conformism.

We affirm the 'core convictions' of the Anabaptist Network UK - http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/coreconvictions

Whether Ekklesia is ‘an organisation’ is more debatable. We organise things, but we are rooted in networked relationships rather than structure. We believe more in disorganised religion than the over-organised kind!

Theology (from the Greek words for 'God' and 'word' or 'reason') is the disciplined and method-driven attempt to make sense of our convictions, texts and traditions. It is about praxis (living thought and thoughtful action). It is the work of a community, not just specialists. Since God is not an object to be studied, but the transcendent origin and destiny of all that is, theology has been spoken of as "reasoning about a mystery". Christian theology proposes that God's creative love particularly 'comes through to us' and changes us in the flesh (specifically, through Jesus' example, death and risen life) and in the way we and the world can be reshaped in response to God's limitless, liberating love.

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