Become an Ekklesia Partner

Ekklesia is not just about ideas and reports, even more it is about people and participation. So we warmly invite you to join others from around the world and become an Ekklesia partner. Ekklesia partners are people who share the vision and values of Ekklesia, and who want to play a part in, and help sustain, its ongoing work and development as a hands-on think-tank.

Partner with usBy becoming an Ekklesia partner you will receive:

  • Regular copies of our monthly email newsletter 'Partnering for a Change', containing the latest news from Ekklesia (which is being re-started in 2013)
  • Access to the Ekklesia online Forum to discuss with Ekklesia staff, associates and other partners what Ekklesia is doing, and input into its development
  • Discounts on our events and publications
  • Access to a range of resources including Ekklesia's email bulletins, giving you the inside track on what's going on in public life
  • Opportunities to play an active part in supporting and extending Ekklesia's work
As an Ekklesia partner you will also be regularly consulted about Ekklesia's work and have a say in what Ekklesia does in the future.

Ekklesia is a not-for-profit organisation with no corporate donors, and therefore we ask Ekklesia partners to make a financial commitment of £5 a month or more - according to your ability and inclination. Such backing is a lifeline for us. (If you are in special financial need and that is not possible, please let us know).

Ekklesia operates on a co-operative basis, and it works hard not to spend money on elaborate and costly administration. No one receives a salary for the work that Ekklesia undertakes, so you can be sure that the money you give will be spent to further our work as directly as possible.

If you would like to become an Ekklesia partner, please fill out and return a standing order form (click here) to the Ekklesia office.

Alternatively you can pay automatically by credit card or paypal by clicking on this button:

We very much hope that you decide to become a personal part of the Ekklesia team.