In the name of blog

By Simon Barrow
March 7, 2007

Goodness, not another weblog? Since 2003 I have been writing regularly at FaithInSociety, which is now aggregated along with the Ekklesia MySpace blog, on the right hand side of this page.

We are currently looking to add one or two other interesting and high-profile voices to our blogroll. Watch this space.

The purpose of 'Ekklesia blogs' is to add a lighter and more instant/personal touch to what we do - and perhaps to comment on one or two of the issues we are processing or the coverage we are getting, as we go along. In due course we are also looking to enable moderated comments... but we have a huge amount on right now.

Btw, among the blogosphericals I personally look at when I can are, in no special order: Pickled Politics (Sunny Hundal and a panoply of hip-slinging Asian bloggers on current affairs); God's Politics (Jim Wallis and friends Brian McLaren, Amy Sullivan, Diana Butler Bass, Tony Campolo, Obery Hendricks, Noel Castellanos, Robert Franklin, Shane Claiborne, and others in the US of A); Maggi Dawn (chaplain at Robinson College, Cambridge, and all-round live-wire), Johan Maurer (an Evangelical Quaker from Portland, Oregon, who writes a thought-provoking 'Thursday commentary'); Richard Bartholemew (Notes on Religion - an encyclopedia of wackiness); On Not Being A Sausage (Dierdre Good, NT scholar and author of the excellent Jesus' Family Values); Thinking Anglicans (to keep up with the ongoing bloodbath in a humane way); Dave 'Cartoon Church' Walker (because wry humour keeps things in perspective, too); Ron Cole (the weary pilgrim, Canada - emergent perspectives); Temperama (novelist and journalist Dave Hill); Adam Kotsko (postmodern musings); some Independent Jewish Voices (what it says on the can); Pete Phillips (postmodernbible); those Prodigal Kiwi(s) (Paul Fromont and Alan Jamieson musing on future church); Holger Szesnat (liberating theology and more), Panda's Thumb (group blog on evolutionary theory and the claims of the anti-evolution movement), Ruth Gledhill (Times religion correspondent, though I suspect she doesn't love us very much), Working Muslim Woman (women in Islam - personal and political); Jerusalem Journal (Nancy Adams and others on the role of women in peacemaking); Bob Cornwall (UCC perspectives); and MediaWatchWatch (monitoring the religious censors).

Hope that's sufficiently eclectic. I could go on, but that would be sad. Another day, perhaps.

Incidentally, I haven't finally decided whether I am going to roll FaithInSociety ("contributing to a conversation between reason and hope, shaped by the subversive memory of the Gospel") fully into this one, or not. I will definitely re-post one or two items: book reviews, theological commentary and so on. The archive not very accessible at the moment, being simply in date order. Also, if you *do* click on a piece from FinS in our aggregator, an advance apology. The 'iLead' pop-ups are nothing to do with me.

More later... the new Ekklesia site is developing bit by bit. We will keep you, er, posted.

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