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Reflecting on #Budget2017

Was it a good Budget? A significant Budget? Steady as we go, or radical change? I'm not sure it was any of those things.

Caring, sharing tax data… or #flogitHMRC

Sharing and publishing data for the public benefit sounds innocuous enough. "Sharing" is a nice word. "Public benefit" is a good phrase.

Budget: More competitive, simpler, greener and fairer?

After the election, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats got together and agreed on a programme of what they would actually do together in government. On taxes, they agreed their priorities were to make taxes simpler, fairer, greener and more competitive.

Budget: The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

The Annual Investment Allowance is the amount a business can spend on capital equipment like computers without having to learn a whole set of tax rules about writing down allowances.