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Ekklesia and the Oxford half-marathon: the race is today!

On Sunday 12 October 2014, Ekklesia's new chief operating officer, Virginia Moffatt, is taking part in the Oxford half marathon. In so doing she will be raising money for our work on welfare and inclusion, reconciliation, re-imagining remembrance, alternatives to austerity and more.

Scottish charities speak out on policies that drive poverty

Scottish charities have spoken trenchantly on their concerns about the growth of poverty in Scotland under current UK government policies. The Sunday Herald newspaper this weekend ( published a range of views following policy announcements at the Conservative Party Conference.

How not to understand IS/ISIS

The ever-productive Martin Marty Centre at the Divinity School in the University of Chicago has offered a powerful article in its 'Sightings' series on what can and cannot be known and understood about IS/ISIS at present.

International Day of Non-Violence

Ironically the International Day of Non-Violence falls (2 October 2014) on the same day as UK fighter planes went into action in Iraq, bombing ISIS sites.

Pressure on the borders of Iraq, Syria and Turkey; Libya update

In his latest podcast for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, Ekklesia associate and regional adviser/expert Dr Harry Hagopian looks at the on-going fight to contain and repel IS/ISIS and the pressure on the borders of Iraq, Syria and Turkey. He also updates on moves to bring stability to Libya.

Housing Justice hosts social housing social event

Housing Justice is the national voice for Christian action on housing and homelessness. On Thursday evening (24 July 2014) they are holding a guided walk and social event in Bermondsey, to which all are invited.

Baptism as a gateway to rethinking conflict transformation?

Questions of war and peace are sometimes seen by Christians as somewhat separate from core gospel convictions, and are pigeon holed as issues upon which we will differ 'on ethical grounds'.

WORK FOR US: Ekklesia seeks an administrator

Ekklesia is currently searching for a top-notch administrator to help set up our London office, work closely with our new Chief Operating Officer, and get us optimally shaped into a small, mobile, effective and intelligent unit operating on limited resources – but definitely looking to grow.

Drones bring neither security nor justice

Hosted by the Iona Community and Fellowship of Reconciliation Scotland, Chris Cole, coordinator of the advocacy and information organisation, Drone Wars UK, is currently on a short Scottish tour, coinciding with Christian Aid Week and the start of the Church of Scotland General Assembly.

An unforgiving environment for thousands of disabled people across the UK

This new report Beyond the Barriers: Employment Support Allowance, the Work Programme and recommendations for a new system of support, released by the Spartacus Network and co-published by Ekklesia and the Centre for Welfare Reform today, demonstrates that the policy status quo presents an unforgiving environment for thousands of disabled people across the UK, says its stinging conclusion.