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Why the Pope's encyclical on climate change matters

An old man in the city of Kaduna in Northern Nigeria pointed to a barren, sun-baked plain and said: "When I was young there was a forest out there and if we were hungry we could just pick fruit of

What part of 'No' don’t mining companies understand?

The world’s largest mining company has been urged to halt its coal mining operations on the Indonesian island of Borneo by representatives of indigenous people who report that mining “has destroyed our forests, rivers and livelihoods”. A day ahead of BHP Billiton’s London AGM on 21 October, they spoke to an “alternative report”, presented at the House of Lords during an evening meeting chaired by Baroness Sue Miller of Chilthorne Domer.

Food - taking back responsibility

“Eleanor’s courgette has grown so much this past week, and she’s checking it all the time”. My friend’s young daughter was in the children’s programme at the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales Conference last weekend in Derbyshire – ‘Our Daily Bread – Food security, People and Planet’.

Exploring the future of food

I’m always complaining about food bills. My family will testify how annoyed I get when they then waste the purchased food. “Do you know that people in England and Wales throw away 3.6 million tonnes of food each year?” I ask my three teenage boys, “and that 60 per cent of it is untouched, with salad, fruit and bread being the most commonly wasted?” I fail to engender outrage. But then we’re better off than most. At the weekend the charity, ‘Contact a Family’, warned that families in UK with disabled children are going without basics such as food after being left in financial "dire straits”.

Green Christians show the way to sustainable food

Victor Barry is a farmer whose idyllic Coastal Heritage Farm overlooks the sea in Cornwall. He says his Catholic faith has inspired him to combine Christian living with caring for the planet, and he has a passion for small-scale, organic, low-carbon footprint farming. Since taking over the farm in 1998 he has re-established old farm working practices, including the use of shire horses. Victor is part of an advisory body for the inauguration of certified courses to QCF standard for working horses and ponies on the land, together with small-scale organic farming methods. He is also a keen supporter of the Transition Network of community-led responses to the pressures of climate change and peak oil.

The role of Christians in promoting sustainable food and agriculture

Is the Christian community so focused on other-worldly realities that its sees engagement with the earthly realities of food and agriculture as the domain of food agencies and supermarkets? The resounding answer is ‘No’. The National Justice and Peace Network (NJPN), a liaison body of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, is taking up the issue this summer when its annual conference in Derbyshire 16-18 July takes the theme: Our Daily Bread – Food Security, People and Planet.