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Caring is not just a family responsibility

I have always admired Giles Fraser, even when I have disagreed with him.

Have we lost faith in faith?

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of being invited to the Cambridge Union to debate the motion: ‘This House has lost faith in faith’.

Still all to play for in the General Election

Many commentators have already called the 2017 General Election. But it may not be as simple as it looks on the surface.

The day we met Iain Duncan Smith

In July 2015, Ekklesia and the Centre for Welfare Reform published an open letter to Iain Duncan Smith from Catholics asking him to abandon his welfare r

Under the Silent Stars - Greenbelt 2016

Greenbelt 2016 got off to a great start this year, when my son, Jonathan, and I arrived at the bookshop to be greeted by the sight of Ekklesia books in the recommended section.

The consequences of conflict: a personal response to Chilcot

Who we are - a response to bigotry in the EU debate

Over the last few weeks, as the EU referendum has gathered pace, a question has appeared time and time again on my Facebook timeline.

Reasons to be cheerful: a year after the General Election

This time last year, I stayed up all night with Ekklesia staff and associates as we live blogged the General Election results.

Elections provide cautious optimism for anti-austerity movement.

I am not affiliated to any political party and have used my vote over the last thirty years to elect candidates for a number of different parties.

The housing crisis: why Ekklesia published 'Foxes Have Holes'

This month Ekklesia has chosen to publish Foxes Have Holes: Christian reflections on Britain's housing need as part of its ongoing r