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Changing Armenian realities

The past few days have seen some highly significant events unfolding in Armenia. Let me try to tie in three of them that marked me as an Armenian from the Diaspora, and to set them in context.

Middle East Matters... why?

Every time I visit Premier Christian Radio, it is almost like entering a different world. Or is it?

The MENA and Gulf regions: any rays of light?

With the vernal equinox almost upon us, and the days getting longer, brighter and therefore more hopeful, in spite of a period of storms, can the same be said about the MENA (Middle East and North

A patient’s-eye-view of an upended NHS England

I respect my new GP. He is a much younger version of the one who saw me through a rough chapter of my life when I spent more nights in hospital wards than in my own bed.

Reflections on Qatar's National Day

I am not from Qatar nor, for that matter, am I from the Gulf region. I have never worked in this region and so do not qualify as an expatriate resident either.

Brexit: when French medicine tackles British politics

Almost three weeks ago, I had a quaint conversation in Aix-Marseille with a French wine merchant over Brexit.

Al-Jazeera: how dark are the clouds?

My maternal grandfather was a news junkie. From the moment he would wake up in the morning, his ‘transistor’ radio never left his side.

Gulf crisis: conflict resolution or trade consolidation?

First, it was the turn of the German Foreign Minister.

Will common sense prevail in the Gulf Cooperation Council?

Talk about political maladroitness and a reluctance to read the signs. Indeed, the #GCCCrisis should never have been tackled in this dramatic way in the first place.

Analysing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) crisis

It is now four weeks since this latest crisis between Qatar on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt on the other, erupted on 5 June 2017.