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The state of virtue

Thinking back a year or so, to the Convention on Modern Liberty, I am struck by the fact that the one thing that stands out in my memory was author Phillip Pullman's address, in which he laid out a vision of public policy as it could be if it focused on promoting our virtues, rather than protecting us from our vices

How can I keep from singing?

Last night's debate on same sex partnerships in the house of Lords was conducted against a backdrop of debates about religious liberty. Nothing was mentioned so often or with such conviction.

What's so civil about a civil partnership?

In discussing Lord Alli's amendment to the Equality Bill to allow religious elements in civil partnerships, the Bishop of Winchester raised the concern that the amendement would 'blur the distinction between civil and religious marriage

Having a happy recession? It appears that most of us are

Every six months the European Union releases the results of a large-scale survey called the Eurobarometer, which attempts to capture public opinion across the continent.

Legal clarity is in the interest of all

All sides of the assisted dying debate should welcome the publication, by the director of public prosecutions, of the factors that are to be taken into consideration when applying the law on assisted