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Christianity, extremism and Anders Behring Breivik

Last week few people had heard the name of Anders Behring Breivik. Today he is trending on twitter for all the wrong reasons, along with 'Freemasonry' and 'Christianity'.

Thirty years after Darkening Valley

In the years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki there has been no more eloquent response to our nuclear predicament than Dale Aukerman’s terrifying Darkening Valley: A biblical perspective on nuclear weapons (Seabury Press, 1981).

Politics, soup and suffering

Yesterday (7 April 2011) Westminster City Council ignored the opposition and pressed ahead with plans for a by-law which will outlaw rough sleeping and mobile food distribution (i.e. soup runs) in a designated area around the Victoria station in London. Final decisions await a full Council meeting in May.

March for the Alternatives: mixed messages

It was right to be here at the March for the Alternative ( today, but this was not the moment when the tide turned. There were too many subtexts; too fragmented an agenda for that.

Return of the 'crusading spirit'?

This morning I turned on my radio to a sick sense of deja vu, with the news of war in Libya. Eight years to the day that George Bush announced attacks on Iraq, a stony faced President Obama did the same as he spoke to reporters in Brasilia.