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War and the imagining of alternatives: some questions for politicians

Remembrance-tide is over.

Small acts of hope: a map for these difficult times

“Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”. The words are generally attributed to the 20th century Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci.

Parliament and government, electorate and elected: time for reform

The prospect of another week of wannabe Conservative leaders setting out their wares for the electors of the parliamentary party, the party in the country and the wi

Anti-politics and the discomfort of responsibility

The politics of anti-politics is riding high.

Greta and Lyra: under is rising

It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that old heads do not fit on young shoulders.

Westminster Abbey and the Prince of Peace

Trident submarines are continuously at sea. Each one carries up to 96 nuclear warheads, and each warhead has a yield eight times that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Meticulous and reticent lives 2.0

Good poetry stays in the mind. It takes root, develops and insists on keeping company with the reader.

Difficult witness from the ground of silence

We are experiencing a time of confusion and rage. Noisy conjecture paces in vain circles, displaying its caged fury wherever we turn.

Xenophobia, exceptionalism and Brexit: try not to mention the war

It is the business of people in my trade to have opinions and to make reasoned predictions.

Deadlock and reform: the hour is getting late

A minority government loses a central plank of its legislation in the largest defeat recorded in parliamentary history.