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The virtues of others: learning to take risks for inclusion

High white hoardings behind which earth-moving equipment growls and gouges, and men in yellow helmets appear on rising

In praise of standing back

Responses to the results of last week's local elections offer a cautionary tale about the impulse to rush into comment an

Charles Windsor's Kipling fantasy

There could scarcely have been a less opportune time to remark on the relationship of skin colour to nationality.

Easter, April foolery and the Resurrection Life

Prior to this year, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day last coincided in 1956 and will next do so in 2029.

A fanfare for the uncommon (wo)man

The man on the Clapham omnibus, the m

Boris Johnson's speech and the hallucinatory world of British exceptionalism

The ‘big Brexit speech’ made by Boris Johnson on Valentine’s day was – predictably – an embarrassing event.

Experience, expertise and knowledge: the humane approach

In December 2017, the Care Quality Commi

Liminality: New Year, art and the rumour of Divinity

The strange betwixt-and-between period which separates Christmas from New Year is over.

Brexit discourse, peace and goodwill

The tone and pitch of our current political conversation is growing very ugly.

Attentive waiting, beauty and hope: trying what Advent will do

Lying awake, waiting for first light, longing for some deliverance from fear, pain, despair, helplessness, lassitude.