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Culture wars and the work of citizenship

Culture wars are as pointlessly destructive as any other form of warfare.

Book review: Good Ground Beneath My Feet. Poems from Iona by Martin Hayden.

The title of this collection offers a promise: a sense of place.

Pubbing in a pandemic

The manner in which we enjoy our leisure time is diverse. But there can be no doubt that in the UK, the pub is at its heart for a great many people.

Book review: Illness, Disability and Caring

Bernadette Meaden's book, Illness, Disability and Caring is the third in a study series How the B

The cleaner and the manager: a cautionary tale

For several weeks now, we have been standing on our doorsteps applauding and banging on saucepans in communal displays of solidarity for the ‘key workers’ who are –

Lent: looking beyond 40 days

On the doorstep of Lent, I stand uncertain.

'North England' and the need for radical change

“We were reckoned, in the north part of England, even as the outcasts of Israel.”

Of political loyalties and difficult change: some thoughts for a new year

The curious liminal space which lies between Christmas and New Year and encompasses them both, is almost over.

Some short thoughts before a long night

On Thursday night, many of us will stay awake listening to the early declarations, the exit polls, the long tension of

War and the imagining of alternatives: some questions for politicians

Remembrance-tide is over.