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The Rural Coffee Caravan and the economy of the common good

The countryside and villages of Suffolk are archetypally English.

Of statues and stumbling stones

As a child, I absorbed the idea that patriotic statues – like flags – rarely led to much good.

Swaggering words and the Commonwealth of Heaven

“Actions speak louder than words”. “ Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

BBC salaries, the market and moral agency

There is an instinctive sense among most of us that income is a private matter.

How the poor die – and how power must learn from their lives

In 1929, George Orwell was admitted to a public hospital in Paris.

Armed Forces Day and the quieter voice

It seems that just as 'poppy facism' is beginning to lose its sway over our consciences and behaviours, Armed Forces Day may be being groomed to take its place.

The general election and a new world breathing

There are times in our common lives when the tune changes, the light shifts a little and what had seemed monolithically oppressive begins to crack.

Finding a quiet challenge on a dreadful day

As news of the attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market broke yesterday evening (3 June 2017), I found myself switching between TV and radio news with a sense of horr

UK foreign policy: truth and defamation

We are all familiar with spin, with the attempt to conceal facts or to massage figures.

Patriotism and 'heimat': the geography of our common humanity

Samuel Johnson's epithet does not mean that all patriots are scoundrels.