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Finding a quiet challenge on a dreadful day

As news of the attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market broke yesterday evening (3 June 2017), I found myself switching between TV and radio news with a sense of horr

UK foreign policy: truth and defamation

We are all familiar with spin, with the attempt to conceal facts or to massage figures.

Patriotism and 'heimat': the geography of our common humanity

Samuel Johnson's epithet does not mean that all patriots are scoundrels.

The common good and the lives of others

What will you vote for? Hard Brexit? Soft Brexit? Your own interests? Maybe you will vote for the party which has always commanded your loyalty.

A disturbing season: encountering the Divine in the music of Bach

These are strange days for those of us whose spiritual lives are not focused on season and liturgy.

Easter confectionery and the Poor Man of Nazareth

The 'dead cat' strategy, so widely used by politicians, delivers diminishing returns.

Establishment, anti-Establishment or non-Establishment?

'Establishment' is a conveniently fluid phrase in our current political and social culture.

The arts and anti-establishment scoundrels

As a direct result of Britain's decision to leave the EU, an internationally acclaimed orchestra is leaving Britain due to uncertainty as to the residency rights of its foreign play

Our calloused hearts and people of unnoticed lives

“People of unnoticed lives”.

Reflections at a time of inauguration

The inauguration of an American president is a unique mix of razzmatazz and nobility.