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Establishment, anti-Establishment or non-Establishment?

'Establishment' is a conveniently fluid phrase in our current political and social culture.

The arts and anti-establishment scoundrels

As a direct result of Britain's decision to leave the EU, an internationally acclaimed orchestra is leaving Britain due to uncertainty as to the residency rights of its foreign play

Our calloused hearts and people of unnoticed lives

“People of unnoticed lives”.

Reflections at a time of inauguration

The inauguration of an American president is a unique mix of razzmatazz and nobility.

On endings, beginnings and calling things by their right names

TS Eliot is the poet of endings and beginnings and of the paradoxes which dwell within that cycle.

Hope, myth and a small god

Early this month, I heard one woman say to another at a supermarket checkout “It doesn't feel Christmassy yet”.

Catching the frequencies of the unfamiliar in Advent

 November's end. The low season of a terrible year. We have seen suffering in Syria that is all but incomprehensible.

Remembering well: poetry, pity and truth

The 2016 season of remembrance is over. But the challenge of how to remember well never leaves us.

Daniel Blake and a safari to terra incognita

Earlier this week I went on a “povvo safari for the middle classes”.

Donald Trump: unpleasant demagogue or harbinger of fascism?

In a 1944 article for Tribune George Orwell asked 'What is facism?' – a question arguably more easily answered then than it is today..