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The voices that will not be drowned: reflections from a Bank Holiday

“I hear those voices that will not be drowned”. These words from Peter Grimes are pierced through the four metre high sculpture by Maggi Hambling which stands on the beach at Aldeburgh in celebration of the life and work of Benjamin Britten. Read against the Suffolk sky, they go straight to the heart.

Tony Blair and the widow's mite

Looking a gift horse in the mouth is generally thought graceless and discourteous. But when the donor is a multi-millionaire ex-Prime Minister who took his country into a war of dubious legality and certain immorality, and the recipient is a charitable project for injured service personnel, the convention may justifiably be set aside.

We are not 'all in this together'

“Money pads the edges of things”. EM Forster puts these words in the mouth of the wealthy Margaret Schlegel in Howards End.

The 'Big Society': Rory Stewart should try harder

The parliamentary constituency of Penrith and the Border is both the largest and the most sparsely populated in England.

Mandelson's memoirs illustrate the failure of political vision

As the coalition's plans for reducing public services to an ineffectual rump and for implementing cuts in benefits which will cause real hardship to the most vulnerable begin to take horrifying shape,

Raoul Moat: were we unwilling voyeurs?

Bereavement, betrayal, unemployment, mental illness, abuse, crime – in every community and in every week of every year, lives fracture and crumble under the strain of the 'tears of things'.

Charles Windsor and the law of holes

Charles Windsor is evidently not acquainted with the law of holes.

Recycling: Pickles, sticks and carrots

When it comes to modifying behaviour, there are arguments to be made for both sticks and carrots.

West Cumbria declines to license sensationalism

The horror that was visited on West Cumbria on 2 June 2010 has been met with considerable dignity and emotional continence by the people of those shocked communities.

Question Time: 'new politics' shoots itself in the foot

The new era of openness and dialogue just shot itself in the foot.