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On endings, beginnings and calling things by their right names

TS Eliot is the poet of endings and beginnings and of the paradoxes which dwell within that cycle.

Hope, myth and a small god

Early this month, I heard one woman say to another at a supermarket checkout “It doesn't feel Christmassy yet”.

Catching the frequencies of the unfamiliar in Advent

 November's end. The low season of a terrible year. We have seen suffering in Syria that is all but incomprehensible.

Remembering well: poetry, pity and truth

The 2016 season of remembrance is over. But the challenge of how to remember well never leaves us.

Daniel Blake and a safari to terra incognita

Earlier this week I went on a “povvo safari for the middle classes”.

Donald Trump: unpleasant demagogue or harbinger of fascism?

In a 1944 article for Tribune George Orwell asked 'What is facism?' – a question arguably more easily answered then than it is today..

Seeking a common spirit in dialogue: World Congress of Faiths 80th anniversary Conference

A fruitful gathering of minds may be measured by the questions it raises rather than by the answers it provides.

No abiding city: a parliament building for the 21st century?

The Palace of Westminster is falling down.

Deep looking and deep listening in the service of change

A series of 82 portraits by David Hockney portrays his sitters – famous and unknown, adults and children – in an identical format: every subject using th

Olympic medals, arms sales and national 'greatness'

Great Britain's success at the Olympics seems to be in danger of becoming a proxy for national 'greatness'.There are questions to be asked about this fie