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Poetry, silence and the common ground

Last week, a social media conversation with a Catholic and and Anglican on the subject of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry concluded with the Anglican (who

Convalescence and a small transfiguration

Last weekend, strolling round a nature reserve, I saw something so beautiful it took my breath for a moment – a rabbit, nibbling on summer-lit grass with

Brexit, bulldogs and self-congratulatory illusion

When our hereditary head of state opened parliament 12 days ago, she arrived in a gilded horse-drawn coach built in 1852 and was escorted by soldiers dre

Peace in Europe: a precious legacy demeaned

David Cameron has suggested that Brexit could put European peace at risk.

Padded edges and the Commonwealth of Heaven

Last week, I heard an account of a high-worth individual.

Building golden bridges and keeping the golden rule

The life-blood of Parliamentary democracy is difference. Where a single view of society goes uncontested, tyranny can be the only outcome.

Tax and truth: a challenge to politicians and voters

Tax, rightly levied and honourably accepted, is an instrument of justice.

Manifestos, vigilance and liberty

How did you vote in the general election? For what you believed in? Out of custom and loyalty? Holding your nose? For the 'least worst'?

A budget, a referendum and a leadership contest

George Osborne may be a poor economist, but he is, beyond doubt, a skilful political operator.

Freedom of expression, restraint and the public space

The tensions between freedom of expression and the occasions of its restriction have filled thousands of column inches and hundreds of hours of airtime.