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Olympic medals, arms sales and national 'greatness'

Great Britain's success at the Olympics seems to be in danger of becoming a proxy for national 'greatness'.There are questions to be asked about this fie

The tongue and the heart: politicians and metaphors of violence

Sometimes a politician will put beyond doubt the fact that they prefer noise and notice to thought.

In praise of 'stayedness': George Fox's rebuke to our current politics

I am not a member of the Labour Party. But when Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader with a huge mandate in September 2015, I felt a renewal of hope.

Post-Brexit: division, flux and mutual responsibility

Referendums should only be used in the most exceptional of circumstances and certainly never as a remedy for a prime minister's insecurities with his own

A time to speak and a time to be silent: three days for reflection

Sometimes only silence will serve.

Poetry, silence and the common ground

Last week, a social media conversation with a Catholic and and Anglican on the subject of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry concluded with the Anglican (who

Convalescence and a small transfiguration

Last weekend, strolling round a nature reserve, I saw something so beautiful it took my breath for a moment – a rabbit, nibbling on summer-lit grass with

Brexit, bulldogs and self-congratulatory illusion

When our hereditary head of state opened parliament 12 days ago, she arrived in a gilded horse-drawn coach built in 1852 and was escorted by soldiers dre

Peace in Europe: a precious legacy demeaned

David Cameron has suggested that Brexit could put European peace at risk.

Padded edges and the Commonwealth of Heaven

Last week, I heard an account of a high-worth individual.