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Tax and truth: a challenge to politicians and voters

Tax, rightly levied and honourably accepted, is an instrument of justice.

Manifestos, vigilance and liberty

How did you vote in the general election? For what you believed in? Out of custom and loyalty? Holding your nose? For the 'least worst'?

A budget, a referendum and a leadership contest

George Osborne may be a poor economist, but he is, beyond doubt, a skilful political operator.

Freedom of expression, restraint and the public space

The tensions between freedom of expression and the occasions of its restriction have filled thousands of column inches and hundreds of hours of airtime.

Stop Trident: a tale of two demonstrations

Last Saturday (27 February), what has been described as the “biggest anti-nuclear weapons protest for a generation” took place in central London.

A death in Georgia that diminishes us all

In the early hours of 3 February, UK time, the US state of Georgia took the life of Brandon Astor Jones, a 72 year-old African-American.

Trident: time to raise the level of debate

It will surprise no one that a Quaker should be a unilateralist. But to explain the reasons and make the case for this is another comment piece.

'A bunch of migrants' and a slough of spite

“What you say flows from what is in your heart.” These are the words with which Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and instructed his disciples in integrity and

An English National Anthem: a song of patriotic prejudice or an opportunity to do better?

England apparently needs its own National Anthem.

Floods, government inadequacy and the just's umbrella

It seemed a perfect illustration of the government's inadequacy in the face of the northern floods.