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A journey without return: we have been here before

We have been here before. November 13 2015; September 11 2001. Thither the echoes come.

Remembering well in the cause of peace

War is failure.

Red poppies, white poppies, empty lapels and the catastrophe of war

Every November, I write for a variety of outlets about remembrance in general and poppy colour in particular.

Deceit is the real constitutional crisis

Deceit takes many forms. The outright lie, the partial truth, concealment, the broken promise.

'Refugees crossing': the little boats bearing our humanity

Just a month after photographs of the body of three-year-old Alyan Kurdi, washed up on a Turkish beach, shocked the world, the government has announced its decision to withdraw two Border Force res

George Fox, Jeremy Corbyn and the value of waiting.

“'Up wi' thee, George', says God. And being up,
He saw the Lancashire sea, and God's people,
Waiting to be found.”

Poppies and the National Anthem: outward forms and inward truth

The relationship between outward forms and inward truth has been at the heart of dissent for centuries.

Approaching the Corbyn victory with a little humility

As anyone who has trekked in mountainous country will tell you, when disorientated, stand still and take stock.

Aylan Kurdi and the moral illiteracy of our government

Rehan Kurdi and her two small children, Aylan and Galip are dead. As the world now knows, they drowned while attempting to flee from the horrors of Kobane for a life of peace and safety in Europe.

August: silly season or a time for the challenge of holiness?

August 2015 seems to have experienced some kind of identity crisis.