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Poppies and the National Anthem: outward forms and inward truth

The relationship between outward forms and inward truth has been at the heart of dissent for centuries.

Approaching the Corbyn victory with a little humility

As anyone who has trekked in mountainous country will tell you, when disorientated, stand still and take stock.

Aylan Kurdi and the moral illiteracy of our government

Rehan Kurdi and her two small children, Aylan and Galip are dead. As the world now knows, they drowned while attempting to flee from the horrors of Kobane for a life of peace and safety in Europe.

August: silly season or a time for the challenge of holiness?

August 2015 seems to have experienced some kind of identity crisis.

Jeremy Corbyn and the changing times

It has been said that when the Conqistadors' ships first sailed along the coast of Chile in the 16th century, the indigenous South Americans were unable to 'see' these vessels because they were so

The rivers of Babylon and the prison of bitterness

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, and there we wept when we remembered Zion.” The song of the Israelites, exiled and captive, have spoken to the heart through millennia.

Holidays, the uses of travel and the challenge of re-creation

The great holiday get-away weekend has come and gone. Two million holidaymakers thronged the roads and airports.

Fox hunting, fracking and the categorical imperative

If an outcome pleases, do you ask questions as to how it was achieved? Politicians depend upon us not doing so and there is therefore a responsibility to interrogate our own reactions.

£50 million for school cadet units will not improve the prospects of young people

The prospects for young people have not been improved by the Summer Budget. Let me count the ways of failure.

'We are many': war, anger and optimism

Yesterday, I wept in a cinema – something I had not done since, at the age of 10, I was utterly undone by the death of Bambi's mother.