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Armed Forces Day: propaganda and quiet processes

Clichés are usually truths which have somewhat lost their impact through repetition. That repetition takes place because the truths concerned were originally mordantly appropriate.

Magna Carta, 'heritage' and delusion

We have a tendency in these islands – particularly in England – to prefer our history packaged as 'heritage'.

Charles Kennedy: the last (lower case) liberal?

When Charles Kennedy died last week, alone in his Fort William home, the shock and sadness was felt far beyond his party.

Poverty and hope abandoned: learning again the spiritual value of each other

"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" (Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.) The words Dante places over the gates of hell are terrifying.

Aspiration, Labour's failure and the long road to understanding

Shock does not produce reasoned reaction.

Beyond the ballot: a spirit that will not be broken

A desolate day follows a long night and the metaphors are a measure of the shock: “ a tsunami”, “ a landscape changed out of recognition”, “ sweeping all before them”.

Politics in 'the raw'

It seems that quite a lot of candidates don't like getting too close to voters.

A good question: how should Christians vote?

Many of us inherit our politics and our religion. For that reason, both require examination and re-evaluation from time to time.

Motherhood and apple pie at the hustings

At the end of the week in which the party manifestos were published, I attended a hustings in a nearby church.

The noise made by poetry and why power is afraid of it

Ask most parents what they want for their children and the answers will be overwhelmingly on the lines of wanting them to be happy, good, well-balanced and fulfilled individuals.