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Inequality 1987-2015: what has changed and what must never change

Sometimes it seems as though nothing much changes.

Truthfulness and General Election candidates: a short blog on a long question

Being a person who respects truth is about a great deal more than avoiding the telling of lies.

'Advices and Queries': from 1682 to the general election of 2015

“Remember your responsibilities as a citizen for the conduct of local, national and international affairs. Do not shrink from the time and effort your involvement may demand.” This is one of 42 challenges and questions posed to members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) by the rather quaintly named 'Advices and Queries'.

Mind your language, Minister: 'war' and primary education

It seems we are at war again. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has declared a “war on illiteracy and innumeracy”. The booty will include 11-year-olds reciting the twelve times table and the attrition, threatening schools which fail to deliver this with being taken over by new management.

The general election: truth, lies, politicians and our own responsibilities

A question for every one of us: how particular are you about truth and accuracy if a statement gives you an advantage or feeds your confirmation bias? Over the next 98 days, we are going to see and hear a lot of information which will either do this, or will make us fume and curse its falsity.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and walking in the tracks of solidarity

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) usually passes me by. But this year (it runs from 18-25 January 2015) I have paid a little more attention. This is largely due to the present febrile atmosphere around the violence and fear which has been aroused in Europe by religious confrontation and intolerance, partly by the scale of rising inequality and a little by some anxiety as to my responsibilities as the representative of my Quaker Meeting to the local Churches Together group.

Why I am not Charlie Hebdo

Let us start with a few clear parameters. Murderous violence is always wrong and does as much damage to its perpetrators as to its victims. Freedom of expression is at the heart of the free society and must ever be defended. But with that right come responsibilities and an obligation to discernment and humility.

#RoadToRuin: political misrepresentation in an age of social media

For as long as there has been organised government, there has been satire. From Aristophanes to Steve Bell, power has been mocked: it is a mark of the spirit of freedom.

Poverty, malnourishment and Pecksniffery

Recently (28 December 2014) the Independent newspaper published a piece outlining some of the reasons why millions of Britons cannot afford a diet that will keep them healthily nourished.

Shopping, peace and goodwill

'Panic Saturday' is behind us. But the panic does not seem to have diminished greatly. The compulsion to buy and the strain of doing so is on almost every tongue. Like many Quakers, I don't give presents. This makes Christmas both easier and more demanding.