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Stirling University students dissatisfied over future of religion department

Despite public assurances, the threat of redundancy against religion scholars at the University of Stirling has not been removed, and nor has any commitment been made to rescind the threat to wind

Scottish and German football fans show refugee solidarity

Scotland supporters will display a “Refugees Welcome” banner before tonight’s UEFA European Championship Qualifying match against Germany at Hampden Park in Glasgow, in support and identification w

Union negotiates, confirming continued threat at Stirling

The University and Colleges Union has confirmed that, despite some claims to the contrary, staff in the threatened religion department are still facing redundancy notices.

Petition launched to save religion department at Stirling University

The Universities and Colleges Union, along with our friends at the Critical Religion Association, the independent network of scholars with whom we collaborate, have created a petition through 38 De

Religion, higher education and critical thinking

In just 72 hours, hundreds of messages have been transmitted in opposition to the University of Stirling's proposal to close its programme on religion with immediate impact [see links below].

Budget: so what's the alternative?

Inevitably budgets produce criticism, and just as inevitably the cry "what would you do?" or "what's the alternative?" Our good friend and stalwart Tax Research policy analyst and change-agent Rich

Resources for following the 2015 Summer Budget

What kind of Britain will be assumed and prefigured in today's budget. "Where your treasure is, there is your heart also," as the ancient wisdom of the Christian gospel reminds us.

Hopeful reasons for the Greek people to vote 'No'

The referendum in Greece on Sunday 5 July 2015 is an important moment in history.

Vote in the Mirror poll on benefit cuts and Christian values

We are pleased to note that in addition to reporting the letter from leading Catholics critiquing Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, over the appalling impact of benefit c

Media assumptions about austerity: Varoufakis on 'Newsnight'

Greece's new finance minister, Dr Yanis Varoufakis, has made quite an impact during the first few days of the Syriza administration, as he tours both the television studios and (more importantly) the European finance ministers to seek a different approach to the Eurozone crisis.