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Letter from LGBT Catholics to the Bishops' Conference

This is the full text of the letter from the LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council to Ms Elizabeth Davies, Marriage and Family Life Project Officer at the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales in December 2013.

Changing tack before Copenhagan

There's been a sudden sea change in government language regarding the climate crisis.

Heard the one about the Archbishop and the Panda?

Imagine a giant panda, lion, lioness and cubs and a Siberian tiger on a twenty five foot long ark outside one of Britain’s premier cathedrals.

To conquer or co-operate? The natural question

Channel Four is running a series called "Daredevils" and the trailer for Monday night's offering ran like this:

My worms are escaping!

"Just because you have a small roof terrace and scant time to cultivate an allotment doesn't mean you can't use up your food waste, " said my sister in law.

Bringing up baby

At a time when respect for MPs is at an all time low, you'd be forgiven for taking a cynical view on any politician who is seen in public kissing babies.

Something unpleasant fell into my inbox

As an eye-catching way of drawing attention to the huge importance of the looming Copenhagen Climate Summit and the threat to God's creation, it was right on up there.

The devil's ultimate conundrum

How do you campaign on an issue like climate which requires the long view and can be complicated?