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Labour should stand up and say they'll scrap Trident

Trident is trending on Twitter. At present, it is the Number One trending topic in the UK.

Britain has never been a Christian country

Happy Easter!

Grassroots activism and the Leaders' Debate

Leaders’ Debates are always going to be unbearable on some level.

Vote for us! We're slightly better than the others! (Or: An evening at the Quaker hustings)

Lindsay Northover, a Liberal Democrat junior minister, began her remarks at a Quaker-organised hustings event yesterday by commenting on how few people go to hustings these days.

How not to respond to tragedy

My first reaction to the news of last week’s aeroplane crash was, of course, horror. Millions of people reacted in a similar way.

Are Christians who support same-sex relationships frightened of saying so?

Conservative Christian groups are forever telling us that people who oppose same-sex relationships are frightened of expressing their views.

World War One: The overlooked opposition

Last year saw a flood of new books on World War 1. When I saw a new one in a bookshop or library, I would pick it up and look up how much space it gave to the issue of opposition to the war.

We need to cut military spending, not protect it

The Daily Telegraph’s campaign for high military spending has gathered momentum.

Conscription - in 1916 and today

Ninety-nine years ago today (2 March 1916), every unmarried man aged between 18 and 41 in England, Scotland and Wales was “deemed to have enlisted” in the armed forces.

Low pay in church: I hate to say it, but the Sun's right

It's a rare day that I find myself agreeing with the Sun.