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No need to detain refugees and undocumented migrants, says Jesuit report

Detaining migrants is unnecessary because more humane and less costly non-custodial alternatives exist, according to the latest report from the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).


The 'conspiracy of silence' around banks' creation of money

There is an excellent letter in today's Financial Times from James Skinner, a trustee of the New Economics Foundation, referring to the 'conspiracy of silence' surrounding the creation of money by commercial banks.

How restorative justice can empower victims in serious crimes - two cases of rape

A frequently repeated myth about restorative justice is that it can’t work for “serious” or “violent crimes”. As restorative practices become more widely available however, this myth is being busted. Its role in shifting the power imbalance around crime towards the victim is becoming increasingly apparent. Its ability to help victims overcome the fear of crime and move on, in a way that more punitive practices often don't, is also being appreciated. Two examples that have been cited recently involve cases of rape.

WWJD? Survey reveals muddled picture of church attitudes to Occupy protest

The results of the latest ComRes poll, commissioned by Premier Radio, of a sample of ‘churchy’ people are out. They cover church attitudes to the protest outside St Paul's.

David Cameron’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the poor for they will pay the biggest price in reducing the deficit. They will behold the rich and see something good.

Pay gap fueling rising poverty

Ekklesia is a co-signatory to a letter in the Guardian today (25 November 2011), along with five other churches and groups, regarding the growing pay gap.

Occupy LSX and the Church: Why the danger isn’t over

When the difficulties between St Paul's and the Occupy London camp were at their height we pointed out that the Church of England has a habit of smothering radicalism with a great big hug. (Credit where it’s due - this is my colleague Simon Barrow’s expression. "Suffocated by a warm pastoral embrace" was how he first put it).

In this 'tents' situation could Jesus be the (legal) saviour of Occupy LSX ?

"The Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us" Gospel of John 1: 14

Polling on St Paul's Cathedral closure and Occupy LSX camp

There is polling from YouGov out today for the Sunday Times which reveals public opinion over recent events surrounding the Occupy London Stock Exchange protests outside St Paul's Cathedral.

Opposing the use of water cannon

David Cameron announced this morning that water cannon will be available to London police at 24 hours' notice. It comes straight after a YouGov poll out today finding 9 out of 10 British people saying police should be able to use water cannon.