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Anglican Mainstream comparing gay Christians with the BNP?

Dr Lisa Severine Nolland has written on the Anglican Mainstream website comparing gay Christians to the BNP.

Christians don't believe in swearing at Scouts too

The instinct to defend oath-taking and swearing runs deep within many religious people.

One case of discrimination against Christians that the usual suspects won’t take up

Ashton Padley wants to get into her local school. But she can’t. The reason? She is the wrong type of Christian (

CARE needs to show that

No sooner had I posted my article on how evangelicals are betraying their heritage, than evangelical lobby group CARE launched a new report

Third time lucky on disabled rights?

Lord Ashley of Stoke has a question in the House of Lords tomorrow (Tuesday) and is calling on government to legislate for the independent living of disabled people.

Does any church claim 'Rev' Robert West?

Who is the British National Party's mysterious 'reverend'?

Not much hope at 'Charities Parliament' event

Despite its stated aim of 'Restoring Hope' the line up for tonight's 'Charities Parliament' event ('Finding Hope: Restoring Trust in Politics and National Life') doesn't fill me with much.

Possibly the worst Daily Mail poll ever

"Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?"

Sadiq Khan: Do something simple for refugees

"It's Refugee Week this week. I've written a short blog post about things people can do to get involved in it" local MP Sadiq Khan Twittered yesterday.

Church of England supremo enters six horses at Ascot

I see that the Queen is entering a record six horses at Ascot this year.