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Bible Society initiative says majority back euthanasia

I see that the Bible Society's thinktank Theos have found that 60 per cent of people they surveyed back making euthanasia legal with 59 per cent agreeing that more public money should be given to enab

Richard Ottaway MP could be next expenses revelation

I have just been researching my local MPs regarding expenses claims and have come across Richard Ottaway, the Conservative MP for Croydon South.

Encourage the Pope to visit Gaza

A Catholic friend of Ekklesia, Colleen Williams, has sent us a petition which now has over 2,000 signatures, encouraging the Pope to visit Gaza during his trip to the Holy Land (Jerusalem, Bethlehem,

Racist BNP backs celebration of foreign immigrant

Got a circular email from Nick Griffin, leader of the racist British National Party (BNP) this morning calling for greater celebration of St George.

'Count your blessings' C of E tells 'hopeless' in financial meltdown

I am sure that it is really well intentioned, but the headline above is how I fear that many will interpret a well intentioned press release from the Church of England today.

Dave Walker's take on the press release

You gotta love Damian Thompson

A source of quiet amusement to a number of us at Ekklesia are Damian Thompson’s agitated rantings about us on his blog at the Daily Telegraph.

Yours 2 Share - experiments with a greater sense of 'sharingness'

The Easter Sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury about leading by example (particularly in the economic downturn) reminded me of someone I met last weekend whilst doing the BBC 1’s Big Questions in Canterbury.

Cut up yer season tickets

I see John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has tried to score a late winner this morning.

United with the Daily Telegraph

It isn't often that the Daily Telegraph and Ekklesia find themselves singing from the same hymn sheet let alone the same terraces.

An Ethiopian Odyssey

March 22 is the UN's World Water Day, so I wanted to mention a remarkable book by a good friend of Ekklesia (and an Ekklesia Partner) Annette Allen, which she is using to help raise funds for clean wa