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Pete Broadbent, the Bishop of Willesden, and ‘constituency envy’ (Pete Broadbent)

Pete Broadbent, the Bishop of Willesden, is keen to compare the size of his…er…’constituency’, with Ekklesia.

Theos highlights discrimination against Atheists in public life

Well done Theos! The think tank set up by the Bible Society did a survey the other day which I had missed until I came across it just now.

The parable of the talents - a subversive children's reading

It was a great joy to find myself taking the Sunday school at our local Anglican church this morning, particularly as the story we were looking at was the Parable of the Talents.

Damian Thompson gets a (nonviolent) mauling (Damian Thompson's our friend)

I see that Damian Thompson from the Daily Telegraph has been on the receiving end of a (non-violent) mauling on his blog (Holy Smoke) after he attacked white poppies on Remembrance Day.

Encouraged by Remembrance Sunday

I am feeling really encouraged by what's been happening over the last 24 hours around Remembrance Sunday.

Frameworks for assessing the financial crisis

I have just been thinking about a model proposed by Simon Walker from The Leadership Commuinity for assessing what's going on in the financial markets and wider economy.

Having a pop over faith schools

I have just been reflecting on some of the things that have been said about Simon Barrow and myself, as well as Ekklesia, during the faith schools 'debate' these last few days.

Had a great lunch today...

...with Jim Wallis who is over on a short tour promoting his new book Seven Ways to Change the World

Disappearing evangelical statements and the BNP

On Monday we reported a bold press release that appeared briefly on the Evangelical Alliance web site, urging Christians to vote against the BNP.

The morality of the state, the ethics of bishops

Radio 4I see that the Archbishop of Canterbury devoted an entire lecture last night to the morality and ethics of the state.