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Why Christians should be ashamed on World AIDS Day

It is tragic that a group of Christians, characterised by their obsession with sexuality, are choosing to overwrite World Aids Day with their own ‘day’. Entitled “Not Ashamed Day” it is supposed to be about getting Christians to stand up and declare their faith following a number of cases of alleged ‘persecution’.

Religion of school not a priority for parents

Some findings from recent polling by YouGov seem to challenge the claim that the religion of a school is a priority for parents when making the choice over where they want their children to be educate

First UK Disability History Month

The first UK Disability History Month (DHM) will kick off in a couple of weeks time.

Remembering well and the commercial arms trade

It’s highly appropriate that my colleague Symon Hill should be addressing the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues next Wednesday, the day befo

As foretold, Wallace and Gromit are minions of the Anti-Christ

It was prophesied in ages past. OK, actually, it was predicted in my blog back in September.

Wallace and Gromit carolling. Religious or secular stamp?  The battle lines are drawn.

Uncertain mind?

The Guardian's Cif Belief, in conjunction with St Paul's Cathedral, is running a series of discussions about 'belief and unbelief in an age of uncertainty':

Tories: The 'Hung Parliament party'?

This today from David Cameron, who led his party through an election campaign based on scaremongering about a hung Parliament, now addressing his party conference:

Parish priest gives it straight over church schools

I have just been sent a letter which was published in the Education Guardian, in response to Sharon Wright’s article on her experience of being a governo

Wallace and Gromit lead aggressive secular assault on Christmas

‘Tis almost the season to be controversial. Brace yourselves, because there will be no religiously themed postage stamps this Christmas. It has been announced that Wallace and Gromit have been chosen instead, to head aggressive secularism’s latest assault, this time that most noble of great (formerly) Christian institutions, the Royal Mail.

Wallace and Gromit carolling. Religious or secular stamp?  The battle lines are drawn.

On rewarding soldiers for killing

Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are fast approaching (you can read some of the work we have done in this area about looking at the values behind our remembrance including Kate Guthrie’s excellent report last year which was praised by the Guardian). So it seems highly appropriate that a debate has emerged in Scotland around the place of medals.