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How faith schools are hurting the churches

There is an excellent article by Sharon Wright for the Guardian on her experiences as a governor of a church school here:

On 'doing God'

There was a fascinating response from former Labour minister Stephen Timms MP at the weekend to a speech made by Baroness Warsi last week. Speaking to Anglican bishops in Oxford, she criticised Labour in Government for undermining “the positive power of faith” and suggested the Coalition government would "do God".

Less than a quarter of population support Trident replacement

An interesting finding from a ComRes poll released last night for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror, suggests that less than a quarter of the population now support renewal of Trident:

Would appreciate your vote...

...for the British Blues Awards.

Debate on technology, SEN and schools in House of Lords today

Lord Rix will raise a question in the House of Lords today about how new technologies for children with Special Educational Needs will be provided, following the closure of a body which has previously

Independents, archbishops and the Second Chamber

It was good to see the Archbishop of Canterbury make an intervention during Lord Lucus's Question in the Lords on Tuesday, about the future of the Second Chamber.

Co-operative housing. The way forward?

Green London Assembly member Jenny Jones has today launched an excellent report:

Faith leaders speak out against US use of torture and human experimentation on detainees from Afghanistan and Iraq

Faith leaders in the US have added their voices to the growing outcry over the new report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) that finds that doctors under the Bush Administration conducted illegal and unethical human experimentation on detainees in CIA custody.

Update on Government progress regarding child detention

There was an exchange in the House of Lords yesterday, following a question by Lord Kirkwood, which gives an update on where the Government is regarding its promise to end child detention. It follows calls that there must be swift action, and that the process must not get bogged down in civil service bureaucracy.

Restorative Justice - the tough option

Juliet Lyon from the Prison Reform Trust has drawn my attention to a great new initiative, which seeks to show that restorative justice is not a 'soft' option.