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Top 100 political tweeters

Edelman have published an updated top 200 'politicos' on Twitter.

How many more people will be taken in by the idea of the 'Christian vote' ?

It's been fascinating to see recent speculation about whether 'Christians will swing the 2010 UK election?' (BBC)

Quite often the claims are made without any reference to specific polling data, or the claims are based on very small samples, or online polls.

Nick Clegg's Christian values

Telegraph journalist Tim Walker has had a swipe at Nick Clegg over religion in an article entitled: 'Atheist Nick Clegg discovers religion in time for polling day'.

It concerns a piece that the Lib Dem leader has written for the Church of England Newspaper. The Telegraph suggests "Nick Clegg appears to have undergone a rapid conversion" on the basis that, despite not believing in God "he claims that Christian values are 'central' to his policies".

Peter Tatchell says hung parliament is about human rights

Just had a lovely message from Peter Tatchell who is supporting the Hang 'Em campaign for a balanced parliament. In it he points out that representative government is a human rights issue, and suggests that a hung parliament is the best chance of achieving it.

New database for church's sex positions

Thought the headline might get your attention.

David Cameron says he would fight for 'own interests not country’s interests' in hung parliament

An interesting admission today from David Cameron today on the campaign trail.

David Cameron's 'church hopping'

It got eclipsed with all the focus on the leaders debates, but one of David Cameron's neighbours wrote about him in the Evening Standard yesterday, referring to his personal approach to church schools.

Will a national newspaper endorse a hung Parliament rather than a party this election?

Following the launch of the campaign yesterday (in which we are involved) to make the case for a hung/ balanced Parliament, two national newspapers carry favourabl

Making two parties work together would 'serve the national economic interest'

A letter in the Financial Times today from the Chairman of Corporate & Public Affairs, at Weber Shandwick, suggests that far from being a problem, a hung Parliament would be economically beneficial:

Conservatives promise to increase segregation of disabled children

In the Tory manifesto published today, the Conservatives have repeated their pledge to push for more segregation of disabled children, which was contained in their draft manifesto.