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Constituencies to watch on Election Night

The big focus in this election will be marginal constituencies, however there are also a few which might produce some interesting results with smaller parties and independents perhaps making inroads despite the first-past-the-post system. Here are some of the ones to watch:

Why the Christian Party isn't pro-life

In the Law and Order section of the Christian Party manifesto they pledge to:

"Raise the motorway speed limit to 90mph".

Putting aside the obvious environmental implications of the increase in CO2 emissions of such a policy, the Parliamentary Transport Committee estimates that an increase in the speed limit from 70mph to just 80mph would result in a 10 per cent rise in casualties.

Sunday Telegraph ignores own poll showing support for migrant amnesty

Two weeks ago, the Telegraph ran a column by Frank Field entitled: 'Why is there no talk about immigration?'. The answer may have now come to light, as the Sunday Telegraph seems to have failed to highlight findings from its own polling.

In the ICM poll it commissioned, which was released on Saturday night, was a question about an amnesty for illegal immigrants (p10):

Would you support/oppose: Allowing illegal immigrants who have a clean record and have been in Britain for 10 years or more, to become full British citizens?

The findings:

Support: 55%
Oppose: 40%
DK: 6%