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Undergraduates reflect on 'Jesus and politics'

Ekklesia co-director Jonathan Bartley, author of 'Faith and Politics After Christendom (Paternoster Press), is a keynote speaker at an undergraduate day at Oasis College of Higher Education in London on Wednesday 28 January 2015.

Getting serious about powers for nations, regions and communities

Commenting on the UK government's command paper on draft proposals for further devolution to Scotland following the Smith Commission process, Si

Demographic complexity no excuse to deny the reality of inequality

Commenting on a recent exchange between an inner city clergyman and a former deputy prime minister about economic divisions in Britain, Simon Ba

World Day of Migrants and Refugees: generating hope not fear

In the worldwide Catholic Church, the World Day of Migrants and Refugees is celebrated in January each year, having been instituted in 1914 by Pope Pius X. In 2015 it falls on 18 January, which is also the Church's World Peace Day (and for many the first Day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity).

On Rock or Sand? A political challenge to (and from) the establishment

Quality-checking the UK Government

Between 14 January and 11 February 2015 you can get your chance to say how well or otherwise the UK Government has done in building a better society.

Is Palestine on the ropes?

What happens when nobody has the moral strength for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Edinburgh meeting on latest initiatives against nuclear weapons

Two prominent US disarmament campaigners will give a talk in Edinburgh on Monday 5 January 2015 on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons.

World peace initiative as 2015 begins

The beginning of 2015 is being marked by a '24 Hours for World Peace vigil' online at Public Peace Prize (

Same-sex marriages a cause for celebration