11 Jul 2014

Over the past four years, the government has either frozen public sector pay or limited pay increases to well below the cost of living, leaving public servants on average £2,245 worse off, says the TUC.

10 Jul 2014

Documents that could implicate British officials in the CIA's global rendition programme have been irretrievably damaged, the Foreign Office has claimed.

9 Jul 2014

Westminster Abbey has again drawn criticism over its treatment of protesters after threatening to evict Christians singing hymns outside a nearby arms conference.

9 Jul 2014

The World Council of Churches has recommended ways for churches to work to end nuclear dangers and respond to those affected by continuing nuclear tragedies.

9 Jul 2014

MPs will tomorrow (9 July) vote on new legal aid cuts which could see torture victims denied their day in court, and leave the Government immune from legal challenges for wrongdoing overseas.

9 Jul 2014

A conference sponsored by arms companies will take place at Church House this morning, as Christian opponents of the arms trade pray and protest outside.

8 Jul 2014

The ‘common good’ and support for current and former soldiers are among the topics to be discussed at the Church of England’s general synod in July 2014. Savi Hensman suggests that the institutional Church of England in its current form may be too heavily compromised by its closeness to the “principalities and powers” to be fully effective in seeking justice and peace. She argues that it will have to face a death of sorts in order to be renewed in Christ.