7 May 2014

The chairman of one of the world's largest arms companies has said that he expects the Arms Trade Treaty to make no difference to his firm's business.

6 May 2014

MPs are tomorrow (7 May) expected to vote on the Home Secretary’s plans for a vast expansion of the Government’s power to arbitrarily deprive Britons of their citizenship.

4 May 2014

Pluralism and respect for all are values threatened by the rise of Narendra Modi, said sculptor Anish Kapoor at a packed Westminster meeting.

2 May 2014

French energy giant GDF Suez has been accused of endangering Amazon Indians’ lives, including those of highly vulnerable uncontacted tribes.

2 May 2014

A new report from the TUC explains the difficulties autistic people may face at work and suggests changes which can be implemented to make the workplace more autism-friendly

1 May 2014

Leaders of the Baptist Union, Methodist Church and United Reformed Church are pushing the government to make progress on disarmament at the NPT Preparatory Committee in New York