16 Jun 2014

A new report into poverty, backed by the Church of Scotland and Faith in Community Scotland, is to demand an end to the poor employment practices trapping many working Scots on very low wages.

16 Jun 2014

Housing Justice has launched a new national good practice standard for Night Shelters, the Housing Justice Quality Mark at Carrs Lane Church in Birmingham.

15 Jun 2014

Lawyers for the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Metropolitan Police have exceeded the deadline for responding to pre-action letters relating to a death sentence handed to a Kenyan citizen.

14 Jun 2014

Campaigners claiming Vodafone has been let off an unpaid tax bill of £6 billion blockaded several shops across the UK yesterday

13 Jun 2014

Employers who bully, harass or cheat workers out of their wages are increasingly likely to escape punishment due to the high cost of taking a tribunal case, says the TUC

12 Jun 2014

Israeli plans to force feed more than 100 Palestinian detainees on hunger strike are a violation of human rights and should be condemned, says Christian Aid’s partner Physicians for Human Rights.

12 Jun 2014

A British student who was tortured into ‘confessing’ to drugs charges in the United Arab Emirates has spoken out about his ordeal.

12 Jun 2014

New figures from the helpline of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter show a massive rise in calls from renters at risk of losing their homes.