4 Jun 2014

A young Brazilian Indian leader was assaulted on 2 June by four armed men, despite being under the care of a government protection programme since witnessing the murder of his father-in-law.

3 Jun 2014

In politics it is more constructive to focus on policies and ideas than on individuals, says Bernadette Meaden. She suggests, however, that a politician may become so wedded to a policy that their personal reputation and the credibility of the policy become inextricably linked. She argues that this is now the case with Iain Duncan Smith.

3 Jun 2014

United Nations officials have welcomed the initiative announced by President Barack Obama to limit emissions from power plants in the United States.

2 Jun 2014

A young British student who was tortured into signing a ‘confession’ has been jailed for nine years in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), says the legal charity Reprieve.

2 Jun 2014

A policy of forcing unemployed people to work full-time for six months for no pay is facing further delays following a boycott by over 300 voluntary organisations.

2 Jun 2014

FIFA must end its "obscene" insistence on World Cup host countries giving tax breaks worth hundreds of millions to the event’s corporate sponsors, a new campaign is urging.

1 Jun 2014

A new report by the Prison Reform Trust, supported by the Bromley Trust, shows the system under significant strain with fewer staff, worsening safety and fewer opportunities for rehabilitation.

31 May 2014

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged all parties to continue to call for calm among their supporters and to work together to consolidate democracy following the general election in Malawi.