5 Mar 2014

Survival International has launched a one-year countdown timer to end ‘human safaris’ to the vulnerable Jarawa tribe on India’s Andamans Islands.

5 Mar 2014

Krishna ‘Kris’ Maharaj, a British businessman sentenced to death in 1987, has spent his 10,000th day in a US prison, despite compelling evidence of his innocence.

4 Mar 2014

Quakers in Britain have released a free resource kit ‘Witnessing for Peace on the centenary of WWI’, recounting the early stages of the war from a Quaker perspective.

3 Mar 2014

The government must be far more proactive on long-term youth unemployment if young people are truly to benefit from the jobs recovery, says the TUC.

3 Mar 2014

The UN has announced that Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson is heading to Ukraine to get an understanding of the situation on the ground in the ongoing crisis.

2 Mar 2014

Human rights campaigners have condemned an attempt by the Hindu Forum of Britain to portray critics of far-right politician Narendra Modi as enemies of Hinduism.

1 Mar 2014

The UN Secretary-General has called for direct dialogue between all concerned amid the growing tensions in the Crimea region of Ukraine.