4 May 2014

Pluralism and respect for all are values threatened by the rise of Narendra Modi, said sculptor Anish Kapoor at a packed Westminster meeting.

2 May 2014

French energy giant GDF Suez has been accused of endangering Amazon Indians’ lives, including those of highly vulnerable uncontacted tribes.

2 May 2014

A new report from the TUC explains the difficulties autistic people may face at work and suggests changes which can be implemented to make the workplace more autism-friendly

1 May 2014

Leaders of the Baptist Union, Methodist Church and United Reformed Church are pushing the government to make progress on disarmament at the NPT Preparatory Committee in New York

30 Apr 2014

A society that favours the rich and shuns the poor is far away from biblical visions of equality and justice.

29 Apr 2014

A new report from Amnesty says the EU must take urgent measures against Greece for its practice of “pushing back” refugees and migrants arriving at its borders.

28 Apr 2014

A new scheme that will force unemployed people into unpaid work is in trouble on its first day, with dozens of charities and faith groups refusing to take part.

28 Apr 2014

On Workers’ Memorial Day the TUC has warned that the government’s attacks on key health and safety legislation threaten even more accidents, injuries and deaths at work.