8 Oct 2013

The US Supreme Court has denied a petition to the court by a man with an IQ of 70 who is on death row in the state of Georgia.

8 Oct 2013

Operation Noah has welcomed the announcement from Quakers in Britain that they are disinvesting from fossil fuels and calling on others to do so.

8 Oct 2013

During a recent visit to Rome the World Council of Churches' General Secretary has called on the churches to be congregations of active peacemakers.

7 Oct 2013

British campaigners and representatives from overseas social movements will join forces next month in a unique event that will seek public support for their causes.

7 Oct 2013

Amnesty International has condemned the Moscow authorities’ decision to block their planned Sochi protest against the lack of freedom of expression in Russia.

5 Oct 2013

The TUC has called on the government to take urgent action as official figures show 29 per cent of apprentices were paid less than the legal minimum wage in 2012.

4 Oct 2013

Faith-based organisations have written to David Cameron and Nick Clegg about the effect of the Lobbying Bill on the expression of "deeply held beliefs in the political arena."

3 Oct 2013

What is Britain? This question doesn't seem to have been asked much in the many arguments around the Daily Mail's vicious attack on Ed Miliband's father. Ralph Miliband, the Mail maintains, "hated Britain".