17 Nov 2014

Experiences of young people facing unaffordable housing costs, insecure tenure and exploitation by private landlords was a topic at the TUC’s Big Youth Debate.

15 Nov 2014

The belief that violence “saves” is so successful because it doesn’t seem to be mythic in the least. Violence simply appears to be the nature of things. It’s what works. It seems inevitable, the last and, often, the first resort in conflicts, says the late Professor Walter Wink. If a god is what you turn to when all else fails, violence certainly functions as a god. What people overlook, then, is the religious character of violence. It demands from its devotees an absolute obedience-unto-death. It requires a theological critique.

14 Nov 2014

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams will give the keynote speech at the Centenary Conference of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FoR).

14 Nov 2014

Is the Jerusalem that we all claim to love not bigger than ego-politics, self-interest or self-aggrandisement, asks Ekklesia associate and regional expert Dr Harry Hagopian, surveying the fate of the city. We are all held hostage to ego-politics that negate win-win solutions. Yet, such win-win solutions alone can resolve this conflict. Walls or fences cannot protect a whole people. Nor can military might, religious radicalism and extremism. What is critical is the elusive good will that facilitates peace.

14 Nov 2014

Growing older is often seen as time for sadness or regret. Two churches have published a new resource urging Christians to celebrate the 'second half of life'.

14 Nov 2014

The amount of time that commuters spend travelling to and from work has increased substantially over the past five years, according to new TUC analysis of official figures.

13 Nov 2014

How can churches practice gospel values of peace with justice and human security, a regional WCC workshop is asking.