2 Sep 2014

Copeland in West Cumbria is the last local authority area in England where the average house price is less than three times the average annual salary, according to new analysis published by the TUC.

1 Sep 2014

The execution of two men in Japan on 28 August is "dismal news" and part of a grim pattern of a return to the death penalty in Japan under Prime Minister Abe, says Amnesty International.

1 Sep 2014

The government is being asked to take action against British firm G4S, after it emerged the company has won a £71mllion contract to provide a range of ‘base support’ services at Guantánamo Bay.

31 Aug 2014

The UN says its peacekeepers in the Golan were attacked by armed elements on 30 August, as efforts continue to achieve the safe release of 44 blue helmets previously detained.

30 Aug 2014

More than one in three (37 per cent) working parents in England are having to cut back on buying food to be able to afford their rent or mortgage, new research from Shelter revealed yesterday.

29 Aug 2014

Three days after returning from Greenbelt, I've had some time to process my impressions of this year's festival. I've realised that the main division at Greenbelt - a leading Christian festival - is not between liberals and conservatives but between liberals and radicals.