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Illness, disability, caring and COVID-19

When I wrote a book about illness, disability and caring I had never even heard of CO

The two-child limit and Conservative contradictions

The two-child limit, which restricts child allowances in universal credit and tax credits to the first two children in a family, was introduced in April 2017.

Coronavirus is no reason for more austerity

Apparently, measures taken by the government in response to coronavirus mean the UK is now on course to have the largest budget deficit since World War Two.

Social security and the hostile environment for disabled people

Some time ago I went to the birthday party of a woman I’ll call Ellen.

Eton Rifles and political education

Richard Burgon has said that if elected deputy lea

Book review: Poverty Is Not Natural by George Curtis

Inequality is an issue that looks set to rise inexorably up the political agenda in the coming months and years.

The welfare reform cliff edge looming for Northern Ireland

Whilst much of Great Britain has spent the past few years worrying about a Brexit cliff edge, many people in Northern Ireland have been worrying about another looming cliff edge, which will have a

Our future is in the hands of young people, and they are good hands

For people who believe in a compassionate society and progressive politics, these winter days can feel very dark indeed.

Some random thoughts on a fearful day

This morning many of us are feeling sick with disappointment and fear. Fear of what the coming months and years will bring. We may also be feeling a fair amount of disbelief – I know I am.

Christmas 2019 - Dickensian for many, but not in a good way

The fascination with Christmas TV advertisements has tended to pass me by.