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Christmas 2019 - Dickensian for many, but not in a good way

The fascination with Christmas TV advertisements has tended to pass me by.

On tax cuts and infant mortality

Yvonne Hope from the Christian charity Barnabas

The Spending Review - a continuing attack on the poorest households

Recently on Twitter, Rory Stewart MP was discussing a visit to a foodbank, and struggling to process the anger he encountered.

Ask not what people on low incomes are doing for their country

It was recently revealed that 43 per cent of UK adults pay no income tax, because their annual income is below £1

We should be declaring a moral emergency

As the full horror of a Boris Johnson premiership unfolds like a slow-motion car crash, today seems like a good day to focus on a politician who is declaring a moral emergency and presenting radica

Why 'more disabled people in work' may not necessarily be good news

Recently Theresa May said that over 900,000 more disabled people were “in work as a result of what this government have done”.

Is the Jeremy Kyle Show being held accountable to a higher standard than the government?

This week Damian Collins, the Conservative Chair of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee, said the makers of the Jeremy Kyle Show were irresponsible.

A Johnson premiership would be Britain's shame

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, many people around the world were astonished and dismayed.

Universal Credit, advertorials, and the BBC

In 2011, the BBC made a documentary The Future State of Welfare, presented by John Humphrys.

The UN report on poverty is the truth, and we must shout it from the rooftops

For millions of people in the UK, Philip Alston’s final report on poverty and human rights will be a powerful affir