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Trump and May - more alike than appearances suggest?

As we watch the Trump White House in horrified fascination, are we in danger of tolerating similar attitudes and policies from our own government simply because they are expressed in a more subtle

The 99 Names of God - book review

The 99 Names of God : an illustrated Guide for Young and Old

Government ideology makes caring more difficult

When making cuts to social security benefits the government’s approach has been to blame the poor for their own poverty.

Why we can't afford child poverty

In 2013 Sir Michael Marmot warned that Britain faced a

Inequality, scapegoating and misdirection


Theresa May and mental health - first do no harm

Theresa May could quite easily stop her own government making life much harder for people who have mental health problems.

When government policies put people at risk

The Prime Minister, we are told, is going to talk about a shared society. It would be good if she could make it a safe society for those at the sharp end of government policy.

Reclaim the State in 2017

“David Cameron has been in Leeds preaching to businessmen the virtues of what he calls ‘the smart state’.

Our choice at Christmas

The world of contemporary art is, to be honest, not one I usually take an interest in, but something happened this year which caught my attention.

Lord Freud, Peter Oborne, and welfare reform

Veteran journalist Peter Oborne rightly has a reputation for integrity and intellectual rigour.