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The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

It’s early days, but there have already been some very good initial responses to the government’s

Daniel Blake and the lasting damage of misinformation about disabled people

Last week I blogged twice about Toby Young’s review of I, Daniel Blake, in which he claimed that the vast majority of p

Toby Young and I Daniel Blake, continued

I recently wrote a response to Toby Young’s review of the film I, Daniel Blake. In it Mr.

Toby Young and I, Daniel Blake

Earlier this year Toby Young, the Conservative columnist who set up a Free School,  very gracefully

UK hunger – the worst is yet to come if we don't act

First, please watch this

Stop trying to fix poor people – fix poverty

The news that the Troubled Families scheme

Personal Independence Payments, a Peer and Paralympian

Is anyone in the UK more equipped to deal with the benefits system than Tanni Grey-Thompson?

Falling incomes caused by Osborne Budgets, not migrants

In her speech to the Conservative Conference,Theresa May claimed that she is on the side of those who are

Are disability benefits being cut covertly?

When further cuts to disability benefits became politically risky, did the government cynically decide to make cuts anyway, but covertly, by simply denying support to people who desperately need &n

Government, Concentrix and disabled people

Is there an institutional prejudice within Westminster and Whitehall against disabled people, a profound lack of respect and empathy w