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Stop trying to fix poor people – fix poverty

The news that the Troubled Families scheme

Personal Independence Payments, a Peer and Paralympian

Is anyone in the UK more equipped to deal with the benefits system than Tanni Grey-Thompson?

Falling incomes caused by Osborne Budgets, not migrants

In her speech to the Conservative Conference,Theresa May claimed that she is on the side of those who are

Are disability benefits being cut covertly?

When further cuts to disability benefits became politically risky, did the government cynically decide to make cuts anyway, but covertly, by simply denying support to people who desperately need &n

Government, Concentrix and disabled people

Is there an institutional prejudice within Westminster and Whitehall against disabled people, a profound lack of respect and empathy w

Meritocracy, social mobility and grammar schools

Theresa May’s attempt to bring back grammar schools seems to be either one of two things.

New book reveals how disastrous welfare policies were developed

How did Britain reach the point where thousands of seriously ill people

'Self-help welfare' - an appeal to self-interest?

Prior to the 2010 General Election, I heard a man on a radio phone-in asking, "Why should I pay tax and National Insurance so that other people can claim benefits?"

'Welfare dependency' or essential redistribution?

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has issued an Economic

The 'magic money tree' now officially exists

The British government can now borrow money at negative interest rates.  This extraordinary turn of events was discussed in a BBC radio interview this morning.