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Brexit is a distraction – we need social justice

Matt Hancock calling for<

Hunger is a political choice

Today there is much discussion of food poverty and food insecurity, as

Getting the poor down from the cross

Occasionally, amongst all the information we read, something leaps out at us and seems especially meaningful. It can be a whole article, or just a phrase or a sentence.

We need to talk about Jeremy Corbyn

The video of British soldiers using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn as a target was disturbing, but hardly surprising, given the extreme and distorted way he is portrayed by political opponents and much

Leave or Remain, we need a preferential option for the poor

Sometimes, Leavers and Remainers seem like divorcing parents so caught up in the battle for custody of their child, they fail to notice that the child is seriously ill.

Book review: Austerity's Victims: living with a learning disability under Cameron and May

There are almost a million adults living with a learning disability in the UK.

Spring Statement: starving the children to pay off the mortgage

As I listened to Phillip Hammond’s self-congratulatory assessment of

Why is government held to account on money lost, but not lives?

In recent days the media has positively revelled in Chris Grayling’s reputation for incompetence, and almost every report focused on what his failures have cost in financial terms.

The Independent Group - old wine in a new bottle

The Independent Group (TIG) shows no sign of any fresh thinking, and every sign of being firmly attached to the status quo.

Universal Credit, foodbanks, and media management

Imagine living in a country where an admission by the government that its own policies were causing hunger amongst the population was greeted as a positive development by social justice campaigners