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Charities, politics, and independence

The role of charities in the UK seems to get more confused and confusing by the day.

Universal Credit and 'managed migration'

Universal Credit can no longer be seen as a benign attempt to simplify the benefits system.

Why we don't need centrist politics

At a time when politics is becoming increasingly polarised and antagonistic, it is easy to understand why well-meaning people could find the idea of centrist politics attractive.

Pirates, emperors, and moral authority

The term ‘whataboutery’  had not been coined in the 5th century, but

The BBC and political journalism

The late Gavin Stamp wrote about architecture for Private Eye, under the pseudonym Piloti. As his obituary said, ‘he was entirely unafraid to offend the stars of the profession’.

Holiday hunger and the DWP's response

Last week the Trussell Trust issued an

Redesigning Universal Credit with humanity

Imagine if Universal Credit had been designed with empathy and respect for claimants.

Public borrowing has been replaced by household debt

Last week

Universal Credit and modern slavery

Could Universal Credit facilitate modern slavery? It seems almost inevitable that it will, and not unreasonable to believe that it is already doing so.

Will the church drive a spoke into the wheel of injustice?

As the school holidays approach, many churches and faith groups will be preparing to feed children who would otherwise go hungry, children whose parents do not have enough income to provide for the