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Pankhurst v Thatcher: A tale of two legacies

With the backing of Conservative Way Forward, and the Cherish Freedom Trust (CFT) fundraising has begun for a proposed Thatcher Library. With supporters like Rupert Murdoch on board it will no doubt be quite easy to raise £15 million and acquire a prestigious Central London property.

Amnesty condemns erosion of human rights of disabled in UK

In the last few days, the economic case for austerity has been dealt more than one significant blow. The IMF has warned George Osborne that he is ‘playing with fire’ and an academic paper which had ostensibly given the policy great legitimacy has been shown to be fatally undermined by mathematical and statistical errors.

Let's not spend too much time debating the Thatcher legacy

What is there to say about Margaret Thatcher’s legacy? So much has already been said. It’s not just tasteless to celebrate a person’s death: it also seems terribly futile and diminishes our own humanity.

When National Insurance becomes a 'Jobs Tax'

Today I got an email from George Osborne. It wasn’t personal. I signed up for them on the basis that I like to keep my eye on what he’s doing; or more accurately, what he claims he’s doing.

Our welfare works

For all who care about social justice, the last few years have been dreadful. To see the incomes of the poorest people cut, and to see those cuts justified by inaccurate and divisive ‘scroungers’ rhetoric has been depressing. For those at the receiving end it has been very painful.

Increasing condemnation of the Work Capability Assessment

In the House of Commons on 21 March 2013, Michael Meacher MP asked why the Work and Pensions Minister Mark Hoban had refused point blank to meet a delegation from the Spartacus network of sick and dis

Budget: Who will protect the weakest?

The fact that the Chancellor is failing to fix the economy, even by his own measures, seems undeniable. Should we be in any doubt, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) has provided this helpful graph.

‘Derisory’ government response to welfare impact petition

The WOW petition, organised by sick and disabled people suffering the multiple impacts of welfare reform, has received a response from the government, as is required when any petition on the e-petition website reaches the 10,000 signature mark. This one is heading towards 27,000 already.

Liam Fox: Voice of the 1%

Quite stealthily, and without an electoral mandate, since 2010 the government has proceeded to dismantle the welfare state, and privatise the NHS, the state education system, even the fire service. But for some, it has not been radical enough, or fast enough. Hence the reappearance of Liam Fox, who left the Cabinet in disgrace in 2011.

Bedroom tax: Is the Government genuinely ignorant?

This is not the first government to be accused of being out of touch, and no doubt it won’t be the last. When the government is comprised largely of millionaires who have led unusually privileged lives, perhaps it is almost too easy an accusation to make. But when a government seems disconnected from the lived reality of its people to an extent that is quite evidently damaging, then the disconnect must be taken seriously.